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PROJECT DATA RESEARCH is a company that provides lining, landfill, excavating and mining project information to industry affiliated businesses. These companies consist of lining manufacturers, earth moving contractors, construction companies, engineering firms and other related professions. Our objective is to assist industry contractors obtain precise project information, bid documentation and specifications. The scope of our work includes but is not limited to municipal solid waste landfills, C & D landfills, hazardous waste landfills, wastewater liners, reservoir liners, canal liners, pond liners, mining sites and an array of other lining projects. By assisting contractors obtain accurate and up-to-date project information contractors can determine whether or not to bid on site projects.

When a project is funded and it's designs completed the project usually goes to bid. To obtain the project's information you can either contact the project site by phone or research the company's website. For bid documentation and specifications you are usually advised to contact the project's engineering firm or their procurement office. There are occasions when project details are available through third party listing websites. However, their data is not always current and/or accurate and there are projects that won't provide their information to third party listing companies. They also "charge substantial fees" for selling "free or comped" public sector project information to industry contractors. There are times when projects are released on an arbitrary basis. This can place your company in a position of having scheduling issues and/or resource shortages. To avoid missing out on projects companies should have their own in-house research system and it's easier than you think. Utilizing your company's resources is the best available option for obtaining accurate project information. Once you have an established research system keeping up-to-date with your current and new projects is simple. PDR can assist you with setting up that in-house system which allows you to choose the projects you want. Having your own research system eliminates the hassles of dealing with third party companies. You won't be bound to term contracts or be charged premium fees for "free or comped" project information. You won't be billed for projects you don't care about and out-of-date details. You can also avoid a contractors worst nightmare which is being eliminated from the bidding process due to listing websites excluding entire projects. An ethical listing website company should offer a return fee policy when they don't provide accurate product information. Unfortunately the return fee policy is immaterial in comparison to the contractors loss caused by the misrepresented project data. A company's best option, without a doubt, is having their own research system and you can simply set one up just by reviewing our website information. For project research system guidelines see our "Tips & Guides" section.

PROJECT DATA RESEARCH can assist in researching project information for clients that do not have an in-house system. By providing clients with details for their selected sites we are helping companies with project awareness and resource optimization. PDR "recognizes" that establishing an in-house research system is the most efficient, accurate and cost effective solution for companies planning to evaluate and bid on site projects. You can also take advantage of your company's office software applications for storing your researched project information. Whether your company chooses to set up their own system or utilize our services you are not bound to term contracts or charged outrageous fees. Why pay for products and services you don't need or want while a contract depletes your budget monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. Most companies are in business to make a profit. Some companies are in business for profit gouging. If your company cannot research project information in-house then let us be your resource. If interested in our services and would like to have a cost effective competitive edge over the competition please visit our "Contact Us" page. If you know of any industry related companies planning to evaluate or bid on site projects please send them our website to provide assistance with project data research.

How To Start Your Own Project Research System (See Reports & Details Page)